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Why we love Velcro

From baby diapers and shoes to flag football and hanging picture frames—Velcro has weaved its way into our lives in ways we often overlook. Many people do not realize that “Velcro” is actually a brand name of hook and loop fabric, with the name stemming from a combination of the words velvet and crochet.

We’ve implemented Velcro into our Drain Pocket Tops because of its simplicity and proven utility, which dates back almost 80 years.

➤  Background on Velcro

Velcro was invented in 1941 by a Swiss man named George de Mestral. While hunting, George noticed plant burs sticking to his clothing and decided to investigate them under a microscope. He observed that the burs clung to any fabric and recognized that a synthetic fabric version of this could potentially replace zippers or buttons.

It took nearly twenty years for George to secure a manufacturer and fully develop the material in a way that could be mass-produced. Velcro was perceived as odd and confusing when it came to market in the early 1960s. When NASA began using it to keep objects attached to walls when in orbit, Velcro started being used in everyday clothing. Once George’s patent expired in 1978, other companies were able to start making hook and loop fabrics, but Velcro continues to be the most famous brand in this category.

➤  Why we use Velcro for our Drain Pocket Tops

Woman holding mastectomy shirt open showing Velcro front closure.

While developing our products, we tested various fasteners to determine what was the most practical option to quickly access surgical drains or wounds. We quickly realized that Velcro had several benefits that others cannot offer:

‣  Safe: Velcro is metal-free making it compatible with the magnetic port of tissue expanders commonly used during breast reconstruction.

‣  Easy: Velcro provides easy open and close for caretakers assisting with recovery. No fumbling with buttons, snaps, or zippers! This is especially important when you need to empty drains or check on wounds numerous times throughout the day.  It also allows patients to dress themselves with limited arm movement after surgery and quickly change into hospital gowns during doctor appointments.

➤  About the Velcro we use

Black Velcro up-close detail of quality stitching.

The “hook” side of our Velcro is made of a low-profile, molded hook that reduces snagging and does not feel rough like others. The loop side of our Velcro is also low-profile and smooth to the touch. The Velcro won’t pop open when wearing but is super easy to open when needed.

Just like every component of our Drain Pocket Top, the Velcro we use is made in the United States. Knowing the origin, functionality, and quality of every aspect of our products is one of the many reasons we stand behind everything we sell.

After nearly 60 years of being on the market, it’s safe to say Velcro will definitely be “sticking” around.

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