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If you’ve been shopping recently, you’ve probably seen giftables saying ‘beYOUtiful’, ‘choose happy’, or various other uplifting phrases intended to promote a positive disposition. While self-love mantras are becoming easy to surround yourself with, the actual practice of self-love isn’t as effortless. Whether you’re balancing your work and family obligations, or struggling with the physical and emotional pain of an illness, we’ve created a simple (and realistic) list that can help you prioritize you throughout the day. 

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1. Carve out time to pamper yourself (even just 15 minutes!)
In trying to balance everything, it’s natural for us as women to put ourselves last. Doing something for yourself not only makes you feel mentally refreshed, it also serves as a reminder of how worthy you are. Ideas: Read a book, take a bath, or do a face mask (you know, the only type of face mask we knew of pre-2020).

2. Incorporate a new healthy habit
Whether it’s getting 8 hours of sleep or going on a walk, there are little ways we can incorporate healthy habits into our daily lives that don’t feel drastic. Personally, drinking more water has been a game changer. It’s improved my energy, focus, mood, sleep, and so many little things I never expected.

3. Put down the phone
On average, Americans check their phones 344 times per day, which equates to once every 4 minutes! Challenge yourself to put the phone down to have an actual conversation with your family or enjoy your meals sans screen time. Getting rid of the noise of social media, emails, news, and notifications creates a balance that many of us forget about.

4. Pull back on negative relationships
Negativity is contagious and can lead to anxiety and feelings of hopeless and loneliness. Seeking out and surrounding ourselves with uplifting and encouraging people will have a resounding impact on how we view situations. Adios, Negative Nancy! 👋

5. Let go and let God
It can be especially difficult to maintain spiritual relationships when going through trying times. Feelings of sadness, loneliness, anger, or betrayal can lead to questioning one’s beliefs. Prayer, meditation, and connecting with a support system are ways to lean on your faith when you’re struggling or feeling overwhelmed.

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