Designed for surgeries with upper-body drains

Mastectomy - Lumpectomy - Heart Surgery - Lymph Node Removal - Breast Reconstruction

  • Body of woman wearing a bright pink waterproof scarf with mesh pockets. Post-surgery drains and tubing are placed in the pockets.

    Don't Shower Alone

    Days of pinning drains to a ribbon are long-gone thanks to our Shower Scarf. This provides privacy while storing drains and tubing.

  • Body of woman wearing a sleeveless black mastectomy top.

    The product that started it all

    We spent 3 years perfecting this design— and it shows. This conceals post-surgery drains from the outside with patented functionality on the inside.

  • Woman lounging wearing a grey mastectomy top and black elastic waist pants, holding a cup of coffee.

    Make it a set

    Pair the Drain Pocket Top with our coordinating bottoms for an instant outfit. This no frills, pull-on design is made from the same black cotton jersey as our Tops.

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Mother and daughter embracing each other.

Created by a mother & daughter

Inspired by our personal experience with breast cancer

  • Drain Top & Shower Scarf

    "It would have been so much more complicated had we not had the Drain Pocket Top and the Shower Scarf... I really don’t know how women manage without these."

  • Drain Top & Shower Scarf

    "They are extremely helpful for holding my drains and tubes in place. Very comfortable and allows me to walk around without snagging everything around me."

  • Shower Scarf

    "Thank you for making this. I couldn't even find anything this good on Amazon!"

  • Drain Top & Shower Scarf

    "I don’t know what I would have done without these essentials."

  • Shower Scarf

    "Oh man, I wish I knew about this for my first surgery."

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