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Proudly Made in the USA

If you’re familiar with Audrey Liz, you may notice that we emphasize that our products are made in the USA. Why? It’s something we’re incredibly proud of and is something that is exceptionally important.

Having products produced in the USA has been challenging and time-consuming. The close relationships we’ve developed with our manufacturers, however, has proven invaluable and is evident in the quality of our finished product that we are proud to put our name on.

Here are the top 3 reasons we believe it’s important to support USA-made products:

1. Jobs & Economy

One manufacturing job in the U.S. creates an additional five jobs in the supply chain. Outsourced jobs—especially manufacturing jobs—rarely return to the U.S.  Supporting businesses that work with American manufacturers helps keep them in the U.S.

Making products domestically not only creates jobs, it also helps the economy.  Money spent on U.S. goods goes directly into the U.S. economy. In fact, every $1 spent in manufacturing adds $2.79 to the economy!

2. Quality

“Buy better, not more”

Quality is something that we pay more attention to as we get older. Having the edges stitched, being machine washable, using fabrics that don’t fade after one wash—become little things that we start to appreciate.

Being able to develop our products domestically with a team of experienced seamstresses and professionals who have been in the industry for decades has allowed us to perfect the little details that make a difference in fit, function, durability, and style. 

For our products, which are intended for post-surgery wear, it is important that everything is produced in a clean environment with quality fabrics that are free of harmful chemicals or finishes.

3. Human Rights

Many companies promote their products as being “ethically made” but may have never actually been to the international factory to see the conditions where their goods are produced.

Knowing that the employees who make products are in a safe work environment and paid fair wages should be the standard—not the exception.

We started Audrey Liz with the goal of simplifying the recovery process and making women feel pretty after surgeries.  It has been one of our core values that all materials and manufacturing is sourced in the U.S.A.

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