Shower Scarf Details

 To produce this item, we partnered with a non-profit that trains individuals to sew on industrial machines to aid in securing a job in the manufacturing industry.


 We were inspired to create this product after learning that women often showered with drains pinned to a ribbon.


Post-surgery uses:

  • Those with limited mobility
  • As a shower caddy when bathing children or pets
  • Holding crayons, craft supplies, or when gift wrapping
  • Keeping snacks accessible while driving
  • Storing essentials during air travel

What our customers are saying:

"I was pleasantly surprised by how much I liked this scarf. I never would have been able to manage a shower by myself if I didn't have this scarf. It was simple to use and it was something I didn't even know I would need after surgery. Thank you for making this awesome scarf and a big thank you to my sister for giving it to me."

- Cindy G., Michigan

Proudly made in the USA